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    Well, although it sucks to not have a finale after over 30 years, in Sophie's opinion, this was the best show of all. But her Mandarin wasn't good enough, she had to watch subtitles, and damn news programs usually didn't have subtitles, so she had to ask Xue Min to help translate. Xue Min concluded with her: "There's nothing to see, it's just which country leaders come to visit, which country leaders come to visit us; where the crops come back; which technology has a breakthrough." ; which project has been started or completed... These things have all been decades old, the outline hasn't changed, but the time, place, name, clothes have all changed!

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    Tiet Kien Cuong said: "Didn't I tell you to finish eating immediately? Eat the dumpling soup first, save these chocolates and biscuits as snacks and eat slowly." From the big box, I took out the last package of candy, which was finally empty.

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    Qin Chuan is indeed very capable, at such a young age he managed such a large hotel in an orderly manner, now is the peak business period, the gentlemen are well dressed and the ladies are The charming ladies were all bald in front of the women, but they were richer and bolder businessmen, as well as the female students who came here to work part-time, and came and went, making people dazzle. Flowers, carpets, crystal lamps, fine wine... this must be the life of the upper class, right? Entering here, your hormones will accidentally burn fiercely, of course, your wallet will also burn fiercely. I heard that last month there was a rich man who was made happy, splashing his hands really hard. loudly, gave the waiter 80,000 yuan. go with him for a tip drink! Of course, Qin Xuyen said this was a very normal thing, but Tiet Kien Cuong heard it and was stunned, honey, 80,000 yuan tip! Even if you don't eat or drink, you can't earn that much as a courier in two years!